Dog Hiking and Walking Services

Adventure Hike:


Daily vigorous exercise and mental stimulation are necessary to keep your dog happy & healthy.

Although a 30 minute walk while you’re at work is great, it is not enough exercise to keep most breeds healthy and happy.

With Adventure Hikes on our favorite trails, you can ensure that your dog is getting the fresh air and exercise that s/he deserve.

$34/45 mins 

$44/60 mins 

Quick Visit:


We offer quick visits to let your dog out for a bathroom break, for feeding and/or fresh water if desired. 


$15/10-15 mins

City Walk:


 We take your pup for a brisk 30 min walk around your neighborhood. Your four-legged friend will stretch his legs, relieve himself and get some well deserved sunshine. 

This is a great option if you are away from home most of the day. If your pup requires more than a  30 min walk, consider an Adventure Hike several times a week!


$23/30 mins

$18/20 mins

Each of our dog services include:


Pick-up and Drop-off (if necessary)

Refresh water

Feeding (if necessary)

Personal journal note

Dog treats & belly rubs!